Hissatsu Shigotonin 2009 – Episode 2 Synopsis

Episode 2: Brazen and unscrupulous

HS Ep2

Killings bearing the mark of a samurai’s sword practice occurs at Edo’s river side and causes an uproar in the streets. Meanwhile, Kasahara Kenmotsu, who is called the best instructor of swordplay in Edo, and his son Taihei, are invited to the Minami-machi Magistrate’s Office to give instruction. Shogoro and Mondo are depressed when they hear about practising swordplay.

On the other hand, Genta is helped by a young man called Sato Kazuma when he gets entangled with some young samurais in the street. Kazuma is a swordsman polishing his swordsmanship at the Kasahara training hall. Genta’s heart warms to Kazuma’s pleasant disposition and the gentleness of his mother, Michi, who is undaunted by their poverty.

Kazuma’s swordsmanship is acknowledged at that moment, and it is decided that he will be Taihei’s assistant. Trying to help Michi, who is toiling in order to fulfill her son’s dream, Genta consults Okiku and introduces her to work as Ryoji’s helper.

However, Kazuma finds out that Taihei and his assistants Kajita Bunzo and Matsumura Kinpachi are the ones behind the sword killings. A shocked Kazuma tells his mother that he wants to quit the training hall but Michi, who is unaware of the truth, persuades him to continue to persevere.

Genta also encourages him. Kazuma decides to quit the training hall after brooding over it. However, fearing that their secret will get out, Taihei and his men beat up and kill Kazuma under the guise of an intense practise. Taihei explains that Kazuma’s death was a training accident. The chief constable, Sakamoto Kansuke, doesn’t conduct a thorough investigation of the incident that happened at the Kasahara training hall and Kazuma’s death is eventually dismissed as an accident. Faced with a grief-stricken Michi, Genta is unable to hide his anger.

Kenmotsu is actually aware of the truth of the matter. But in an attempt to save his son, he orders Taihei, who is trying to be an instructor of swordplay to the shogunate lineage, to set out on a journey to learn martial arts, and tells him that he will coverup the incident. Michi, who has come to the Kasahara training hall, happens to overhear this conversation and blames Kenmotsu for being unscrupulous. She presses him to give her son back to her but Kenmotsu slays her instead.

Ryoji uses the wages he had intended to pay Michi as commission for a “job” and they take action. Okiku invites Taihei and the rest and after she has made them drunk, Ryoji, Mondo and Genta kill Matsumura, Kajita and Taihei. Meanwhile, Shogoro visits the training hall and kills Kenmotsu with his sword.

Guest stars:
Meguro Yuki as Kasahara Kenmotsu
Hamada Manabu as Kasahara Taihei
Oshinari Shugo as Sato Kazuma
Kaku Chikako as Sato Michi
Onoe Matsuya as Kajita Bunzo
Nakano Takeshi as Matsumura Kinpachi

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