Honjitsu mo Hare, Ijou na shi


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Sundays, 9.00 – 9.54 p.m. from 18 January 2009


Shirase Ryo, who is working hard in the organised crime control unit at Shinjuku Central precinct, is posted to Narumijima in a personnel exchange with the Okinawan prefectural police. While patrolling the island on foot, Ryo discovers an elementary school and joins in a game of dodgeball that the school’s teacher, Saimon Urara, and students are playing in the school field. He quickly becomes popular with the kids and even shares the school lunch together with them. Ryo makes friends with Tamaki Seita, a boy whose mother has just died. Days later, Seita’s older sister Minami declares that she is leaving the island …

Sakaguchi Kenji as Shirase Ryo
An outstanding detective in charge of the organised crime control unit at Shinjuku Central precinct, he has distinguished himself by arresting many yakuzas. He is hard-nosed in his work, but also kindly looks after the lives of delinquents and former yakuzas who have been released from prison and are in rehabilitation. Some case results in his assignment to Narumijima, a peaceful and underpopulated island covered with sugarcane fields, in a personnel exchange. However, the island’s residents are dejected because they need a doctor more than they need him. Ryo doesn’t give in to the feeling that he has been completely cast away. Little by little, hope lights up the hearts of the residents because of his enthusiastic and meddlesome personality.

Matsushita Nao as Saimon Urara
The only teacher of the island’s only school. She arrives at the island bearing the noble ambition, “Heaven forbid that there should be an educational backwater. I will go, if nobody goes.” She won’t say it to the island’s residents but island life doesn’t suit her. There is no privacy in this small community and she finds it unbearably difficult. It’s restrictive to have to continue being a 24-hour “teacher”. She finds herself annoyed at Ryo who stomps into her world but over time, she finds that she is able to be herself in front of Ryo and an emotional bond is established.

Aoki Munetaka as Teruya Mitsuo
The leader of the island’s youth organisation and a sugarcane farmer. He is a very silly person. He talks of love while gazing at the stars, presents a bouquet of roses when he comes in his car – a style of a decade ago. He likes Urara and makes passes at her but is completely ignored. Regarding Ryo – the “guy who came from the city” with hostility, he challenges him to absurd contests whenever opportunity presents itself. He has absolutely no understanding of the island’s severe situation but he, more than anyone else, loves the island and the sugarcane.

Maeda Beverly as Chinen Kinu
Urara’s landlady. She used to be the island’s school teacher and has also been the principal. Many of the island’s residents were Kinu’s students and she has a good relationship with them. She takes good care of others and knowing that it must be difficult for young women to live on the island, she takes in the school’s female staff and lives together with Urara. Because she has exceptional insight, logic, and gets to the heart of a matter with what she says, she is in effect the island’s opinion leader.

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