Hissatsu Shigotonin 2009 – Characters


Higashiyama Noriyuki as Watanabe Shogoro
A police constable of Minami-machi Magistrate’s Office. His hidden occupation is that of an assassin. He dislikes the troublesome tasks at the magistrate’s office and amuses himself by watching plays on the pretext of going on patrol. As the adopted son-in-law of the Watanabe family, he is pampered by his mother-in-law and wife at home and is weary of the treatment. However, once he’s on a “job”, he deftly slays villains with his sword.

Matsuoka Masahiro as Ryoji
He is a craftsman who mounts and repairs calligraphy and paintings on folding and sliding screens, and is also a painter. His hidden occupation is that of an assassin. He loves drinking and is a self-professed gourmand. He has a brusque personality but his skills on the “job” are in a class its own. This time, he wields a new device that combines writing brush and needle in his “jobs” so that the poison inside the paintbrush cannot be used.

Okura Tadayoshi as Genta
A young craftsman who makes string puppets. He is a honest man and became an assassin because the woman he loved was murdered. He runs an eatery called ‘Sono’ together with her young son, Sakutaro while he covertly performs “jobs” with his painstakingly crafted puppet tool. However, he feels conflicted about his hidden occupation.

Fujita Makoto as Nakamura Mondo
A veteran assassin. He held a leisurely position at the archive for a period of time but is assigned to be in charge of a guardhouse in a rundown district in the outskirts. When he is at home, Sen, his mother-in-law and Ritsu, his wife, always treat him like a nuisance. But he is still going strong in his hidden occupation, exuding a dignified presence as the senior to the new assassins and destroying evil with his mastery of the sword.

Tanimura Mitsuki as Kisaragi
Tamagushi’s younger sister. She is an Iga ninja and has come to Edo in pursuit of her older sister. She turns up on Ryoji’s doorstep but …

Wakui Emi as Okiku
A master of Tokiwazu. Her hidden occupation is that of an informer of “jobs”. She undertakes “jobs” ordered by those who want vengeance. She is elusive and demonstrates an extraordinary ability to detect the movements of villains. Because she is plucky and strong-willed, she is able to get each of the assassins, who have strong personalities, together.

Nogiwa Yoko as Watanabe Ko
Shogoro’s mother-in-law. She hopes that Shogoro will rise to greatness for the sake of her daughter, Fuku, and the Watanabe family. Mindful of the health of her son-in-law, she makes sumptuous and large servings of food with her daughter but he finds it off-putting. The people she respects are Sen and Ritsu of the Nakamura family. Her favourite phrase is of course … “Son-in-law!”

Nakagoshi Noriko as Watanabe Fuku
Shogoro’s wife. She and her mother are both eager for the rise of the Watanabe family. Even the cooking lessons she has begun taking is all for the sake of her husband. Because she doesn’t mean any harm, Shogoro also finds it difficult to say that this is an annoyance.

Fukushi Seiji as Ogawara Denshichi
Shogoro’s junior colleague. Maybe it’s because of his sincere personality that he keeps helping out Shogoro, who has been labelled an eccentric of the Minami-machi Magistrate’s Office. He looks forward to the sumptuous boxed meals that Shogoro brings and treats him to.

Ukaji Takashi as Sakamoto Kansuke
The chief constable of the Minami-machi Magistrate’s Office. He has been aware that he is a skilled leader since his childhood and has high self-esteem maybe because he has the same name as Yamamoto Kansuke. He finds irresponsible people like Shogoro a little disagreeable but doesn’t raise his voice and get angry.

Maeda Koki as Sakutaro
A youth who runs the eatery, ‘Sono’, together with Genta, whom he loves like a father. He lost his father when he was young and lived with his mother but after she died, Genta, who loved her, took custody of him and they now live together. Taught by his mother, he is quite a good cook.

Sugai Kin as Nakamura Sen
Mondo’s mother-in-law. She recently started cookery classes with her daughter, Ritsu, at their home and devotes herself to teaching every day. She is proud that she has been assiduous at the management of her son-in-law’s health for a long time, and is respected by the ladies who are her students. But she is appalled with Mondo’s perpetual uselessness.

Shiraki Mari as Nakamura Ritsu
Mondo’s wife. Mother and daughter have been protecting the Nakamura family for a long time. The cookery classes they recently started have been an unexpected success and she feels happy to be called “Teacher”. She increasingly ignores her husband because of that.

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One Response to Hissatsu Shigotonin 2009 – Characters

  1. kelly says:

    Tanaka Koki from KAT-TUN is also in this series…he’s 1 of the Shigotonins, and has a pretty big role in it…but he doesn’t appear until episode 13 though.

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