TV Asahi Drama Special 2009 – Hissatsu Shigotonin


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From 9.00 p.m., 4 January 2009

Watanabe Shogoro, a police constable with the Minami-machi Magistrate’s Office; Ryoji, a painter who also frames pictures; and Nakamura Mondo, now reassigned to the Minami-machi Magistrate’s Office guardhouse, perform their cover occupations by day, but, as assassins, take revenge on villains under the cover of darkness. However, one person – Genta, the puppeteer – he wrestles with his regret and inner conflict over the assassination, as he runs an eating joint called ‘Sono’ with Sakutaro. In the city of Edo, the price of medicine suddenly rises sharply for some reason. Poor, old people like Yohei are suffering from the steep rise in prices even in the alleys of Nagaya, where Mondo’s guardhouse is located. Then ‘Ebisuya’, a wholesale drug store which sells medicine cheaply, appears. The owner, Kanamaru Zenbe, is hailed as a saviour but he works behind the scenes to stop cheap imported medicine from entering Edo. In the midst of this, Gondo Izaemon, a lowly samurai arrives in Edo. An acquaintance of Shogoro’s from the time they learnt kenjutsu, he intended to make the world a better place and win distinction with his vaunted swordsmanship. In front of Shogoro, who is taking it easy at work in the magistrate’s office, Izaemon calls the assassins, who take villains from the darkness and bury them in darkness, scum. At that moment, Yohei and the rest who are fed up with the steep price rise, decide to hole themselves up in Nagaya in a bid to bring their plight to the attention of the authorities. Overhearing the old people’s discussion at ‘Sono’, Izaemon offers his assistance. Thinking of helping them, Tamagushi decides to join in too. However, Yoshinosuke, a contractor, and Gingoro, the Tatsuno-gumi gangster who hired Yoshinosuke, intend to acquire land in Nagaya. They enter the place where Yohei, Izaemon and the rest have started their hole up and clear out the old people. Izaemon fights bravely but is outnumbered. Yohei and the other old people are slayed one after the other by the gangsters. Then Zenbe of ‘Ebisuya’ appears. He makes an offer to Izaemon, telling him to back off to pave the way for his rise to greatness. Zenbe has also joined hands with Yoshinosuke and Gingoro to get rid of the old people who want medicine and to acquire the Nagaya land. Blinded by the thought of rising to greatness, Izaemon kills Tamagushi, who tries to hold him back, and accepts Zenbe’s offer. The old people who survived, gather what little money they have, and go to Sanban-suji to order a “job” to avenge their dead friends. Burning with anger and vengeance at Tamagushi’s death, Ryoji plunges the new murder weapon that Genta made in the back of Zenbe’s neck. Genta uses his wind-up snake to strangle Gingoro and avenge the old people. Mondo also stabs the drunken Yoshinosuke to death with his short sword. At that moment, having heard of Izaemon’s whereabouts from Okiku of Hanagoten, Shogoro summons Izaemon to the kenjutsu hall. Then he kills Izaemon with a stroke of his sword for his willingness to succumb to treachery in order to move on to greater things. Days later, as Ryoji remembers the dead Tamagushi, a young girl turns up at his place. She is Tamagushi’s younger sister, Kisaragi!

* Higashiyama Noriyuki as Watanabe Shogoro
* Matsuoka Masahiro as Ryoji
* Okura Tadayoshi as Genta
* Fujita Makoto as Nakamura Mondo
* Mizukawa Asami as Tamagushi
* Tanimura Mitsuki as Kisaragi
* Wakui Emi as Okiku
* Nogiwa Yoko as Watanabe Ko
* Nakagoshi Noriko as Watanabe Fuku
* Fukushi Seiji as Ogawara Denshichi
* Ukaji Takashi as Sakamoto Kansuke
* Maeda Koki as Sakutaro
* Sawamura Ikki as Gondo Izaemon
* Ryu Raita as Kanamaru Zenbe
* Maeda Gin as Yohei
* Tanaka Yoji as Yoshinosuke
* Nabe Osami as Matazo
* Tankobo Kibaji as Gingoro
* Hagiwara Nagare as Iseya

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