Tokumei Kakkarichou Tadano Hitoshi Season 4


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Thursdays, 9.00 – 9.54 p.m. from 8 January 2009

TV Asahi

It is decided that Denoudou, the big advertising agency that Tadano Hitoshi works for, will promote popular Korean actor, Kang Yeong Jin. Then the company receives a blackmail letter with the words “Prepare 100 million yen if you don’t want Kang’s past to be exposed”. Taking the matter seriously, Kurokawa, the company president summons Tadano and gives him the special mission to find out what is in Kang’s past. Tadano is shocked when he sees Kang. He looks just like Tadano. Together with Moriwaki, who is doing Kang’s casting, Tadano entertains Kang at a Korean restaurant. However, Kang disappears after excusing himself to go to the toilet.

Takahashi Katsunori as Tadano Hitoshi
The head of Denoudou’s General Affairs Section 2. He is usually a useless salaryman who cannot do his work well. His name is read as Tadano Jin but because of his incompetence, he is called “tada no hito” in a pun on his name, within the company. But he also has another side solving all sorts of troubles as the head of the Special Mission unit. Naturally, he is good at fighting, and also with women, getting information from them in bed. He also frequently disguises himself and goes undercover.

Sakurai Atsuko as Tsubouchi Noriko
The president’s secretary who goes by the name of Miss Denoudou. She had fallen in love with Tadano ever since he saved her, and has pursued him. But because she doesn’t know that the Tadano of General Affairs Section 2 and the Tadano of the Special Mission unit is the same person, she treats the Tadano in the company as a fool and is prejudiced against him. Similarly, she is rivals with Shinmizu Mayuko, whom Tadano of the Special Mission unit likes. Occasionally, both of them come together to gripe because they cannot meet him even though they want to.

Nagai Masaru as Moriwaki Koichi
Tadano’s partner in the same Special Mission unit. He usually works as a mailboy at Denoudou, and knows the company grapevine better than anyone else because of this privilege. He has excellent agility but unlike Tadano is utterly hopeless at fighting. He primarily plays the role of Tadano’s informer. Because of his friendliness, he is loved by all and has a wide network of acquaintances.

Ebihara Yuri as Yamabuki Kazue
An OL who works in the same General Affairs section as Tadano. She is the only female who is interested in the good looking but inept Tadano Jin. She creates errands to get close to him and fantasises about going on dates with him. She is of slight build but surprisingly has the strength to thrust Tadano more than a few metres away as she says, “Oh no!” in order to hide her embarrassment.

Tayama Ryosei as Sagawa Kazuo
The head of General Affairs Section 2 where Tadano works. He stresses himself up over his fear that he’ll be laid off someday. Sagawa has been having a hard time with the inept Tadano but summons Tadano when there are things that he wants to grumble about and gets Tadano to hear him out at a street stand or pub. He’s always melancholic but because of the recent pension problems, he is anxious about his old age and gets more woeful.

Miura Rieko as Shinmizu Mayuko
A popular veteran announcer for Japan Television. She hasn’t been able to be without Tadano ever since he protected her from a stalker at the orders of the president. But she doesn’t know Tadano’s true identity and continues to be involved with him. She provides him with information and also supports him. She possesses the special skill to see through Tadano’s disguise no matter what he masquerades as.

Umemiya Tatsuo as Kurokawa Junzo
The founder and president of Denoudou. He is seen as a hard-nosed person who straddles both the industry’s legitimate side and underside, but is actually a compassionate man. He dearly wishes for Denoudou’s peace and progress and appoints Tadano to take care of problems that cannot be made public. It still isn’t known where Tadano and the president met and what their present relationship is built on.

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