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Mondays, 9.00 – 9.54 p.m. from 12 January 2009

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Kaji Daiki, a fourth year medical student at Tosaka University hopes to join the cardiosurgery course but why does the noticeboard show that his own name has been cancelled, and the forensic science course has his name instead? Daiki immediately heads for the office of the professor for forensic science, Sagawa Fumihiko. He is told by Professor Sawaga, “For the average student, whether they make the grade or not, they’re only interested in their results, but for you, you first start with the question ‘why?’. You are suited for forensic science.” Hearing this, Daiki decides to join the course. One day, the body of a person who died in a mishap is brought in by the police. Daiki and the rest of the students are bothered by the cause of death and head to the scene of the accident …

Eita as Kaji Daiki
A fourth year medical student at Tosaka University. He wanted to be in the cardiosurgery course and it seemed that he qualified but for some reason gets into the forensic science course. He unwillingly comes into contact with forensic science, and is fascinated by its significance and profundity. At first glance, Daiki looks like a cool, modern day university student but he possesses exceptional intuition, perception and free thinking, and though he isn’t conscious of it, he is able to see the essence of everything. When he gets caught up even in trivialities, he must find the answers and won’t be satisfied if he can’t put them into practice. “I don’t know what you’re thinking,” Daiki has been told by those around him all this time, but he thinks that he’s emotionally expressive.

Ikuta Toma as Ishizue Ryosuke
A fourth year medical student at Tosaka University. His family manages a general hospital and as the son of a distinguished family, he is expected to take over but finds it a heavy burden. Despite his promise to enter the same course as his father, a famous gastroenterologist, he gets into the forensic science course in what could possibly be an act of rebellion. Ryosuke loves women and is attracted to Reiko. He is the live wire of the forensic science course and at social parties, he would unabashedly say, “I’m from the medical faculty …” but has never had a good experience because the girls get carried away with the excitement more than with the advances he makes. He smiles all the time but doesn’t show his true emotions. He is Daiki’s good friend and understands him the best.

Ishihara Satomi as Kuboaki Kanako
A fourth year medical student at Tosaka University, she received a scholarship to attend school. She is one of the best students and was scouted by the professor of the neurosurgery course but she rejected that and chose the forensic science course. Her mother died of cardiac failure when she was young but she still cannot accept the reason for the cause of death and this motivates her to pursue forensic science. Born the eldest daughter in the family, she cannot ignore those who are vulnerable. Honest and possessing a sense of justice, she also tends to fall back on conservative theories. She is hostile towards Daiki who doesn’t rely on historical data.

Endo Yuya as Kirihata Teppei
A fourth year medical student at Tosaka University. He intended to take over his family’s dental practice in his hometown of Sendai but gets addicted to the medical examiners portrayed in foreign dramas and takes up forensic science. Because he is a “geek” who avidly collects figurines and DVDs of dramas related to forensic science, that knowledge helps in the investigation of unusual deaths. He is a person who easily gets carried away and is also timid.

Sato Tomohito as Hanei Akira
A fourth year medical student at Tosaka University. He used to be a member of a motorcycle gang. In the past, one of his opponents died even though he didn’t deal him any blow and he was labelled a criminal. However, it was found through the results of a legally-ordered autopsy that the cause of death was chronic disease and he was declared innocent. He has studied hard since then in order to pursue a career in forensic science. His speech and conduct is crude but he is actually a warm-hearted person. He almost collapses each time he has to observe an autopsy being performed because he dislikes it.

Yada Akiko as Natsuigawa Reiko
An assistant teacher at Tosaka University’s forensic science course. Her personality is the opposite of the mild and somewhat relaxed Professor Sagawa Fumihiko, and she also treats the students coolly. A former student of Professor Sagawa, she says that she aspired to be a forensic pathologist because of the vehement opposition of her father, a well-known medical examiner. She’s a beauty of a marriageable age but is single.

Tokito Saburo as Sagawa Fumihiko
The professor at Tosaka University’s forensic science course. He feels that the significance of forensic science is to “listen to the voices of the dead” and advocates that students need to have the passion for it. Although he has expectations of the 5 students in his course this year, he senses Daiki’s exceptional ability of them all. He loves Chinese tea.

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