Hissatsu Shigotonin 2009


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Fridays, 9.00 – 9.54 p.m. from 9 January 2009

The daughter of a townsfolk is murdered. Her father gets wind of the assassins and at Sanban-suji, the place to commission “jobs”, he asks Okiku but is rejected because he has no proof and is just concerned with appearances. At that time in Edo, an establishment called Mikagean, which has handsome young men rendering service to ladies, is in fashion. The victim’s younger sister, Okinu, encounters a man called Naosuke in front of Mikagean. She takes out her sorrow and anguish over her older sister’s death on Naosuke but … Meanwhile, Shogoro arrests a one-eyed ugly man who steals.

Hiyashiyama Noriyuki as Watanabe Shogoro
A police constable of Minami-machi Magistrate’s Office. He is usually bossed about by his wife and mother-in-law who keep nagging him to advance his career. He has the habit of loafing and seems to be a man who is as useful as a lamp in broad daylight but is in fact an assassin. Possessing superior swordsmanship, he skillfully slays villains with his magnificent sword. He is the junior of Nakamura Mondo, who is also from Minami-machi Magistrate’s Office, and they behave aloofly towards each other outside their “jobs”.

Matsuoka Masahiro as Ryoji
He is a painter but also replaces sliding screens. Because he is a gourmand, he cleans and prepares fish with his own hands, and is always having a meal but he has another side an assassin. In order to make his weapon of deadly poisonous liquid unobtainable, he sought Genta’s help and now uses a paintbrush with a mechanism that projects needles. Using his ability as a former Iga ninja, he comes around the back and destroys his enemies’ internal organs with his needles.

Okura Tadayoshi as Genta
He used to be a craftsman but now works at ‘Sono’, a small restaurant, because he has a son. In the past, he had taken part in a “job” in order to avenge the woman he loved but even though they were villains, he feels conflicted because an assassination is also a crime. His weapon is a mechanically crafted snake. He had initially used a puppet tool to fool his enemies – a tricky method to take revenge on villains.

Wakui Emi as Okiku
She is the leader who manages the assassins. She gathers information, takes on general affairs such as the commissioning of “jobs”, and hands down orders to the assassins when she accepts jobs. It appears that she had once been involved with Nakamura Mondo and she is called “hell flower” by him because she makes what seems like callous statements despite her exquisite appearance. At other times, she is a master of Tokiwazu.

Fujita Makoto as Nakamura Mondo
A veteran assassin. He deftly takes revenge on villains with his magnificent sword. He knows all the good and bad in the world and makes philosophical statements but at home and at his workplace, he is treated as an inept man who barely works. He used to work at the Minami-machi Magistrate’s Office but has been demoted and now works at the guardhouse in Nagaya. He dislikes the pressure of his job and tries to loaf one way or another. He warmly watches over the young assassins.

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