Triangle by Niitsu Kiyomi


Tuesdays, 9.00 – 9.54 p.m. from 6 January 2009

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Based on the latest novel by author Niitsu Kiyomi (release date: 24 Sept 2008), Fuji TV’s upcoming winter drama Triangle tells the story of Goda Ryoji, a rookie police detective. He graduated from the faculty of medicine and became a doctor but quit his profession and changed careers to become a detective. Ryoji’s career choice is greatly influenced by an incident that he encountered in his past. When he was 10, Katsuragi Sachie, his first love was abducted and murdered. 15 years go by and when the statue of limitation runs out, Ryoji himself becomes a detective, determined to pursue this case. Then a beautiful woman who identifies herself as Katsuragi Sachi appears before him. She bears a strong resemblance to the dead Katsuragi Sachi. Ryoji is greatly shaken. Who exactly is this woman?

In January 1984, a fourth grade elementary school girl was abducted on her way home and murdered. A coming of age celebration had just been held at the school just before the incident happened, and the letter that the girl had addressed to herself 10 years later goes unread as her short life is ended. Burdened by the trauma of not having saved Katsuragi Sachie, his first love, Goda Ryoji is a man leading life as a doctor in place of his older brother who had died in another incident. He finds his true self as the statue of limitation for Sachie’s murder comes without any closure for the case. I cannot live as a substitute for somebody else. I have to live my own life. And Ryoji’s life gradually begins …

* Eguchi Yosuke as Goda Ryoji
* Inagaki Goro as Kuroki Shun
* Hirosue Ryoko as Katsuragi Sachi
* Aibu Saki as Goda Yui
* Sakai Masato as Shimano Takaya
* Tanihara Shosuke as Tomioka Yasushi
* Sasaki Kuranosuke as Akimoto Ryo
* Kohinata Fumiyo as Maruyama Keita
* Osugi Ren as Katsuragi Hitoshi
* Fubuki Jun as Katsuragi Kiyoko
* Kitaoji Kinya as Kuroki Shinzo

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