Prisoner – Episode 3 Synopsis

Episode 3 Synopsis

Just as Ari heads to the prison to question Keigo under orders from Big Boss, Keigo gives them the slip. He narrowly succeeds in breaking out from prison with help from Oxon and the other inmates. But little does he know that Pon has sold him out to the police. He calls the phone number of the contact Pon had given him in the memo and arranges to meet a man called Muta.

Meanwhile, Big Boss is angry and frustrated at Keigo’s jailbreak but Pon’s betrayal gives him another chance to capture Keigo. At the same time, he sends police to the orphanage where Aki is staying at and places her under surveillance.

Before long, Keigo appears at the place where he has arranged to meet Muta. He takes a cell phone, money and passport from Muta, all the while remaining alert to his surroundings. Then in the next instant after he has parted with Muta, plainclothes policement who have been keeping watching on him all swarm in but he gives them the slip.

However, Keigo’s freedom is short lived. He is forced to surrender to the police not long after he goes to the Seraivic Bank with Aki to retrieve the title deed to Yuzurihara’s land. After Keigo is taken into custody, he is beaten up by the police. Then Ari tells Keigo that if he pays them $50,000, they will arrange a retrial and let him be represented by a lawyer. Keigo is returned to prison and back into the company of Pon who continues to put on the act of a concerned, well-meaning friend …

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