Prisoner – Episode 1 Synopsis

Episode 1 Synopsis

Seraivia is a small country in Southeast Asia. Izawa Keigo, 30, a young Japanese man, goes through the town where there’s a mix of a variety of cultures. Keigo quit being a high school teacher for some reason and has come to this country to look up Yuzurihara Takuya who is like an older brother to him. Yuzurihara used to be a host. He built an orphanage in Seraivia with the money he had saved in Japan and looks after children who have nowhere to go. Yuzurihara is surprised by Keigo’s sudden visit but welcomes him without asking why he quit being a teacher.

One day, a man calling himself Joy Saga visits the orphanage and pledges $50,000. He says that he’s a millionaire who owns several textile factories and approves of Yuzurihara’s good intentions. However, no one can imagine that this meeting with Joy not only marks the beginning of a horrific fate for not only Yuzurihara but also Keigo …

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