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Izawa Keigo, a teacher, tenders his resignation because of an incident. He visits Yuzurihara Takuya, his senior from college days who runs an orphanage in Seraivia, a small country in Southeast Asia and stays to help at the orphanage for a while. Then Yuzurihara is taken in by a man called Joy and loses his entire fortune. An angry Keigo demands the money back from Joy but is arrested by the police, who have been bribed by Joy. Keigo sinks into despair in prison. His cellmate, a mysterious man called Pon proposes a scheme to break out of prison but …


Tamayama Tetsuji as Izawa Keigo
Keigo quit being a teacher as a result of some incident and came to Seraivia. He ends up being cheated by Joy, and jailed for a crime he did not commit.

Tsuruta Mayu as Nishiyama Aki
A magazine writer who keeps chasing after scoops. She has come to Seraivia to search for the truth behind a resort development.

Omori Nao as Pon
A swindler. He shares the same cell as Keigo and acts together with him. Pon is money-minded and has an air of mystery about him.

Nakamura Shunsuke as Yuzurihara Takuya
Keigo’s senior. He uses the money he had saved from his days as a host, to fund the operation of an orphanage. He is cheated of his money by Joy.

Sada Mayumi as Matsumiya Aoi
A local guide hired by Aki. Because of her outspoken nature, she gets into quarrels with Aki.

Kohinata Fumiyo as Ube Hajime
A staff of the Japanese embassy. He turns a blind eye to the police’s injustice because of an incident in the past. He has been in Seraivia for a long time.

Matsushige Yutaka as Wang Zunmin
The local head of Asia Global Fund and the person who is pushing for the resort development. He would stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

Ishiguro Ken as Wada Akira
Aki’s bodyguard. He frequents a restaurant where long-stay travellers and Japanese gather. He acts mysteriously.

Kusakari Mayu as Tao
An orphan who lives in the orphanage run by Yuzurihara. She is like an older sister in the orphanage and has a good relationship with everyone.

Tsuda Kanji as Saeki
Editor of the weekly magazine, Tomorrow and Aki’s boss. He feels uneasy that Aki has proceeded with the risky task of gathering materials for an article.

Tanaka Yoji as Doi Yutaro
The owner of the Japanese restaurant that Yuzurihara and Wada patronise. He treats Yuzurihara, who has been cheated by Joy, well.

Takehana Azusa as Chang
Wang’s loyal secretary. She coolly follows and carries out even the ruthless instructions.

Milton James as Oxon
A mafia leader and also leader of the prisoners. All the prisoners submit to him and he also has links with the police.

Kaminari John as Joy Saga
A swindler. He cheats Yuzurihara of money. Keigo asks for the return of the money but he bribes the police and has Keigo arrested.

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