Judge II

Judge II

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Saturdays, 9.00 – 9.58 p.m. from 25 October 2008


Misawa Kyosuke observes the second summer since he took the post as Omijima’s judge. One Sunday, an incident occurs when a child climbs the up the tennis umpire chair at the elementary school and sustains serious injury from a fall. The parents of the child seek damages against the school and town. Kyosuke encourages them to reach an amicable settlement but Shoji, the child’s father, stubbornly refuses. And then the schoolyard is closed on holidays. The unexpected outcome causes Kyosuke to start thinking that it was wrong to recommend an amicable settlement …

Nishijima Hidetoshi as Misawa Kyosuke
An assistant judge. He heads the district and family courts of the Omijima subdivision off Kagoshima. His former post was the Osaka District Court’s divisions of Civil Affairs and Intellectual Property. Life on the island mends the discord he had with his wife, Reiko. Kyosuke experiences a series of firsts in his job but also gains a lot. He’s on track to become a judge next year but …

Toda Naho as Misawa Reiko
Kyosuke’s wife. It was incredible that she even thought of divorce for a time, and she spends a fulfilling year on the island. With one year remaining, that matter causes a sense of disquiet in her heart.

Matoba Koji as Tanikawa Junichi
Director of the family court. Like Kyosuke, he presumed that he would be transferred across the country, and because of that, his exchanges with Kyosuke go beyond their field of work.

Onoda Takehiko as Nomiyama Osamu
Chief clerk of the the Omijima subdivision. Head of the General Affairs, he’s the second in command at the subdivision. He has the laid-back disposition of a Southerner but is also sometimes a capable assistant to the head of the subdivision.

Terada Minori as Taira Masaaki
A lawyer on the island who is a slight alcoholic and habitually late for court sessions. He knows the nature of the island people inside out and sometimes also surprises Kyosuke with his chivalry.

Asano Atsuko as Hata Natsumi
She worked as a lawyer in Tokyo but starts a business on this island which is her father’s hometown. Because she has a relationship of friendly rivalry with Kyosuke, who came to the island around the same time, she finally decides to spend the rest of her life on this island.

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