Ryusei no Kizuna

Ryusei no Kizuna

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Fridays, 10.00 – 10.54 p.m. from 17 October 2008


14 years ago, the three young Ariake siblings slipped out of their house in the middle of the night to see the Leonid meteor shower. Unfortunately it rains and when they return home, what awaits them are the bodies of their parents who have been brutally murdered. The three of them are raised in an orphanage and when they grow up, they conspire to swindle. The cautious, systematic Koichi draws scenery, Taisuke has become a bank employee and gemologist, and beautiful Shizuna uses her charms to seduce foolish males and cheat them of their money. This time, her target is Togami Yukinari, the scion of the major western food chain, Togamitei. However, Shizuna unknowingly falls for Yukinari and her brothers watch over her. Following some incident, Koichi starts to believe that Yukinari’s father, Togami Masayuki, is the murderer of their parents but …

Ninomiya Kazunari as Ariake Koichi
The eldest son of the Ariake family. After graduating from high school, he aspired to be a chef just like his father but met with setbacks. He drifted from job to job and now lives and works at a stand-up curry joint. Of the three Ariake siblings, he was the most affected by the murder of his parents and has a strong attachment to his family as well as a strong distrust of society. But he has a peculiar relationship of trust with Detective Kashiwabara.

Nishikido Ryo as Ariake Taisuke
The second son of the Ariake family. His personality is the exact opposite of his elder brother Koichi. He sighted a suspicious person on the night of the murder. After graduating from high school, he worked part time while looking for things he wants to do. He is a man of action but lacks plans. Because he is sociable, he has many friends. He also has diverse interests and is fashion conscious.

Toda Erika as Ariake Seina
The youngest child of the Ariake family. She isn’t related to her two brothers because she’s a child from her mother’s previous marriage. After graduating from high school, she followed her brothers and came to Tokyo and then takes a position at a corporation upon graduating from junior college. However, she is harassed by her male colleagues and leaves the company. She now works part-time. She’s naive because she’s been protected by her two older brothers.

Kaname Jun as Togami Yukinari
The scion of Togami, the western food chain store. Put in charge of the Azabu Juban store by his father, Masayuki, he looks for the original taste of hayashi rice (hashed beef with rice). He’s a honest and dedicated man who thinks of nothing but work. He doesn’t compromise and occasionally clashes with his father.

Emoto Akira as Togami Masayuki
Company president of Togami, the western food chain. He was the owner of a small western food joint but about 14 years ago, his hayashi rice (hashed beef with rice) became popular, and the food joint grew into a chain store. This happened around the same time as the murder of the Ariake couple and Taisuke suspects that he is the criminal because the man he saw bore a strong resemblance to Masayuki.

Miura Tomokazu as Kashiwabara Yasutaka
A detective with Yokosuka Precinct. He’s a veteran detective who was in charge of the case involving the murder of the Ariake couple, and still continues to investigate the case even though 14 years have passed. Because he had a boy with the wife he divorced, his relationship with the orphaned Ariake siblings goes beyond that of detective and the bereaved family.

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