Gira Gira

Gira Gira

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Fridays, 9.00 – 9.54 p.m. from 17 October 2008

TV Asahi

A former legendary host, Nanase Kohei, is leading a blissful life with his wife, Momoko, and his only daughter but he is retrenched and ends up looking for a job. However, there are no corporations who will hire the middle-aged Kohei. After brooding over it, Kohei goes for an interview at Rink, Roppongi’s number one host club. Seeing Kohei, the club’s owner, Sonobe Yuki, cannot believe her eyes. Because the person before her is the man who was once called the king of Roppongi. It isn’t a simple world where his old name will work and she is about to turn Kohei away, but Eagle, the number one host, offers him a set of conditions …

Sasaki Kuranosuke as Nanase Kohei
A former legendary host who was also called the king of Roppongi. He seals off his past and leads a life as salaryman, but he is retrenched and returns to his former profession without telling his wife. He has had a long absence from the scene but moves up in this night world with the art of captivating people’s hearts that he had previously cultivated and his natural tenderness.

Maya Miki as Sonobe Yuki
The owner of Rink, the number one host club in Roppongi, who hires Kohei. She’s a capable woman who asks no questions about academic background and experience when she hires hosts. Yuki feels a sense of crisis about the present host club scene and seems to have had some relationship with Kohei when he was a host.

Harada Sachie as Nanase Momoko
Nanase Kohei’s wife. Momoko is good-natured and devotedly supports her husband but she has harboured doubts about his behaviour since his retrenchment although he says he is working at a construction site. She thought she could not lose faith in her husband but …

Miura Shohei as Shoji
The Rink’s new host. He uses his network of personal connections and experience as a former club staff member to acquire customers. Initially holding Kohei in contempt, Shoji is impressed by his ability to soothe customers from the heart and his sincere way of life, and becomes a kid brother to him.

Igarashi Shunji as Eagle
The number one host at Rink. Because he was once a Japanese-ranked boxer, his professional name Eagle was his ring name at that time. He’s popular for his looks and conversational skills but is a faction leader who will resort to brute force. Eagle is hostile towards Kohei, who has refused to join his faction, and schemes to drive him out of the club.

Toda Keiko as Asaoka Misa
A mysterious woman who becomes a customer after she meets Kohei by chance in front of the club. Because she’s clad in a jersey, the other hosts automatically presume that she is a customer who doesn’t have money but …

Kotegawa Yuko as Jinguji Rena
The female proprietress of an exclusive Ginza club, Top Ladies. She has run the club in Ginza for over 20 years and is called the “Queen of Ginza” because of her capability. She visits Rink occasionally and gives Kohei and the rest advice.

Ishibashi Ryo as Katsuragi Taisei
A former popular host at Rink and now a brilliant proprietor and power-wielder called the “General of Ginza” who has started up a brand new host club. Because he’s a pragmatic strategist, he poses a big threat to Rink and Kohei.


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