Omiyasan Season 6


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Thursdays, 8.00 – 8.54 p.m. from 16 October 2008

TV Asahi

The president of an information technology corporation was attacked by someone and killed the person in self-defence. After the man killed a member of an organised crime group 14 years ago, he was placed on the wanted list and has a scar from a skin graft on his left arm. Omiyasan meets Ichihara Nozomi by chance at a wedding reception and recognises her. 14 years ago, she had dropped a season pass at the scene of the murder of the organised crime group member, but was deemed to have had no connection to the case because she’s the daughter of an important lawmaker. Omiyasan and Yoko go to meet Nozomi to verify that she has a scar on her arm. They request information but are rejected …

Watase Tsunehiko as Torii Kanzaburo
The head of the Documentation Division of Kamogawa Higashi Precinct in Kyoto. He was an ace detective but is now buried in the Documentation Division, reading data on past cases. Because of his intuition and memory from the time he was a detective, Torii senses the connection in past and present unresolved cases, and solves cases through his own investigation.

Sakurai Atsuko as Nanao Yoko
Omiyasan’s only subordinate. She was demoted to the Documentation Division after she hit a superior for sexual harassment. Her father is the chief of Kamogawa Higashi Precinct but she only knows Torii. She acknowledges Omiyasan’s ability but dreams of returning to the Criminal Affairs Division.

Nanase Natsumi as Aizawa Keiko
A member of the crime lab. She’s an outstanding investigator and the self-proclaimed beauty of the crime lab. She likes Omiyasan and goes in and out of the Documentation Division for information whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Sugai Kin as Otama
The housekeeper of the Torii family. Otama is like a foster mother to Kanzaburo and lives together with him. Her culinary skills are top class. She is annoyed by Yoko, who sometimes comes over for a meal, and pounces on any opportunity to try to torment her. They’re natural enemies. She calls Kanzaburo, “young master”.

Tani Kei as Nanao Seiichiro
Chief of Kamogawa Higashi Precinct and Yoko’s father. He respects Omiyasan but because Murai, the bureaucratic head of the Criminal Affairs Division, treats Omiyasan like an enemy, he finds himself caught in the middle.

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