Team Batista no Eikou (Movie)


In theatres on 9 February 2008

Official Website

Team Batista, a specialist team to operate Batista surgeries – a surgery that has a success rate of 60% – is formed at the hospital affiliated to Tojo University’s medical school and it miraculously enjoys a streak of 26 successful surgeries. But this record is shattered when three successive patients die on the operating table midway through surgery. Were the deaths accidents? Or murders? Taguchi Kimiko from the department of psychosomatic internal medicine is put in charge of the internal investigation. Having absolutely no surgical experience, she reluctantly takes on the role. Naturally, things don’t work out well for her. “There’s no nothing wrong. They were purely accidents,” she is about to conclude but a man appears and brushes it off, “I’m concerned about your report. I’m amazed that a person who is so easily fooled exists!” He is Shiratori, a shrewd and capable Health Ministry official. “These are murders. The murderer is one of the seven Team Batista members!” And the two of them re-investigate the Team Batista members again …

* Abe Hiroshi as Shiratori Keisuke
* Takeuchi Yuko as Taguchi Kimiko
* Kikkawa Koji as Kiryu Kyoichi
* Tamayama Tetsuji as Sakai Toshiki
* Sano Shiro as Kakitani Yuji
* Ikeuchi Hiroyuki as Narumi Ryo
* Tanaka Naoki as Himuroko Ichiro
* Taguchi Hiromasa as Haba Takayuki
* Igawa Haruka as Otomo Naomi
* Nogiwa Yoko as Fujiwara Makoto
* Hiraizumi Sei as Kurosaki Seiichiro
* Kunimura Jun as Takashina Gonta


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