Salaryman Kintaro


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Fridays, 11.15 p.m. – 12.10 a.m. from 10 October 2008

TV Asahi

Yajima Kintaro has taken a position at the Fourth Sales Division of the big construction company, Yamato Construction. He horses a child on his back, wears a white headband and is not the least bothered by the constraints of hierarchical relationships in his speech and behaviour. This surprises and strikes his colleagues dumb. Around that time, Daiwa Morinosuke, the founder and chairman of Yamato Construction, and Oshima Genzo, the president, are right in the middle of a factional fight and the president’s faction has a slight edge. What about internal reforms for the company? Kurokawa Yusaku, the managing director belonging to the chairman’s faction, is about to step down from his position for the chairman’s sake but when he is shown Kintaro’s speech and behaviour which is a departure from salaryman’s demeanour, he has a glimmer of hope. Kintaro is Chairman Daiwa’s last trump card …

Nagai Masaru as Yajima Kintaro
A newly recruited employee at Yamato Construction’s Fourth Sales Division. Because he was formerly the leader of a motorcycle gang, he is very strong and also has lots of influence with gangsters. Kintaro’s colleagues, who frown at his unconventional speech and behaviour, gradually welcome his personal magnetism and are revitalised by his way of life.

Inoue Waka as Suenaga Misuzu
The female proprietress of Jardin, an exclusive club in Ginza. She is politically well-connected. It seems that she had a relationship with Kintaro in the past and they meet again by fate.

Shiba Toshio as Oshima Genzo
The president of Yamato Construction. Because he used to be a construction bureaucrat placed in an executive position in a private firm, he wins public works contracts and has made big strides for Yamato. In an attempt to take the helm of the company, he engages in a fierce factional fight with Chairman Daiwa.

Aoyama Noriko as Sakurai Kyoko
President Oshima’s secretary. She is at Oshima’s beck and call because her parent(s) ran into enormous debt as a result of business failure.

Kazami Shingo as Mizuki Mamoru
The head of the Fourth Sales Division. He is saved by Kintaro, who has just come to Tokyo, as he is about to be beaten by gangsters in Shinbashi.

Hosokawa Shigeki as Takatsukasa Seiji
A newly recruited employee at Yamato Construction. He was secretly pulled over by President Oshima to join the company as a candidate next in line for the presidency because he used to be a Land, Transport and Infrastructure Ministry official. He’s exceptionally hostile towards Kintaro.

Furuya Ikkou as Kurokawa Yusaku
The managing director of Yamato Construction. He has worked his way up since the inauguration of the business and is a stalwart whom the chairman supports. However, in the aftermath of the expansion of President Oshima’s faction, he chooses to sacrifice himself and step down from his post in an attempt to protect the chairman.

Utsui Ken as Daiwa Morinosuke
The founder and chairman of Yamato Construction. Kintaro saved him from the sea. He admires Kintaro’s spirit and humanity, and employs him at his company. He understands Kintaro the best and hopes that he’ll bring a sweeping change to the company.

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