Kaze no Garden

Kaze no Garden

Official Website

Thursdays, 10.00 – 10.54 p.m. from 9 October 2008

Fuji TV

Associate Professor Shiratori Sadami is an anesthesiologist at a famous Tokyo hospital. He is also an expert in palliative medicine, which gives comfort to patients nearing death, but no one knows that Shiratori himself is suffering from end stage cancer. Aware of his impending death, an option comes to Shiratori’s mind. That is to go back to his hometown of Furano where his father Teizo and two children Rui and Gaku are living. The day when Shiratori will be welcomed into the beautiful garden blooming with a variety of Furano’s seasonal flowers …

Nakai Kiichi as Shiratori Sadami
An anesthesiologist working in Tokyo and an authority in the field of anesthesiology. Invigorating and cheerful, he has flamboyant relationships with women but is actually suffering from end stage cancer.

Kuroki Meisa as Shiratori Rui
Sadami’s daughter. She has been earnestly learning gardening in England, and is now in Furano.

Kamiki Ryunosuke as Shiratori Gaku
Sadami’s son. He is intellectually disabled but has an excellent sense of pitch and memory. He can remember the language of flowers created by his grandfather, Teizo, after hearing it just once.

Ito Ran as Uchiyama Taeko
A head nurse. She used to be with Sadami.

Okuda Eiji as Fugatami Tatsuya
A person behind the scenes who rocks the political and business establishment with his illegal share dealings.

Ogata Ken as Shiratori Teizo
Sadami’s father. A doctor who does house calls in Furano. He raised his grandchildren, Rui and Gaku, along with the British garden.

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