Yume o Kanaeru Zou


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Thursdays, 11.58 p.m. – 12.38 a.m. from 2 October 2008


On her 25th birthday, Asuka, a temp at a major advertising agency, is dumped by her boyfriend and suffers from a fire. Overwhelmed, she breaks down in tears as she wishes for happiness in the apartment that she has moved into for the time being. Then Ganesha, a queer living thing in the form of an elephant, suddenly appears right in front of her. Asuka cannot believe Ganesha, who calls himself a famous god, but Inoue Kohei, a person who used to live in this apartment, turns up and tells her the whole story. Asuka and Ganesha begin leading a bizarre life together. Although she is disheartened by the tasks set out by Ganesha that she has to perform, she starts struggling to deal with them every day but …

Mizukawa Asami as Hoshino Asuka
A temp at an advertising agency who wants to be popular and relies a little too much on a love instruction manual. Her desire for happiness is to be twice as strong as others, and she realises what true happiness is by performing the weird tasks set by Ganesha.

Oguri Shun as Inoue Kohei
A former salaryman who used to live at Asuka’s place. Inoue accomplishes the tasks set by Ganesha, moves toward his dream of being a cameraman, and gains success. He meets Ganesha again after 3 years.

Furuta Arata as Ganesha
An elephant god with a Kansai accent who proclaims himself to be “very famous”. He boasts that he is the person who established all the world’s notable marriages into money and made prominent figures successful. Gaming, eating and then sleeping is his basic lifestyle.

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