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Tuesdays, 10.00 – 10.54 p.m. from 14 October 2008


Yamashita Kotaro, a 24-year-old bachelor, is a self-professed mobile phone novelist who likes being alone and cannot afford much financially. One day, Kotaro takes Ann, a 6-year-old girl, under his care. Ann, who had turned up on Kotaro’s doorstep, is an impertinent little liar. She’s the epitome of the type of female he most dislikes. However, as may be expected of a popular child actor, Ann has an abundance of money and earns far more than Kotaro. Kotaro, who is no match for Ann in financial terms and speech, becomes increasingly irritated and they have heated battles every day. Ann’s manager, Mineko, joins the fray and quibbles over Kotaro’s character. Kotaro, whose life has undergone a sudden change, feels angry but …

Hayami Mokomichi as Yamashita Kotaro
A poor, single man. He calls himself a mobile phone novelist but, in fact, he only transmits romance stories with his mobile phone. However, Kotaro constantly does his best in everything. He’s childish and gullible.

Kato Rosa as Fuji Mineko
The manager of a successful 6-year-old actress, she is hardworking but makes blunders. Mineko’s a crybaby and also quick to anger. She comes into Kotaro’s life, speaks her mind and constantly gets into childish squabbles.

Tomosaka Rie as Yasuno Makiko
The person in charge of Kani Books’ business accounting. She’s a senior in the company who treats Kotaro with gentle patience. Makiko doesn’t realise the mild crush that Kotaro has for her at all. She’s a single mother.

Yoshida Riko as Sakurai Ann
A popular 6-year-old actress. Contrary to her angelic charm, Ann is an impertinent little liar with the disposition of a queen. She’s a monster child. Ann cannot get along with Kotaro at all.

YOU as Ozora Hinako
A successful actress and Ann’s real mother. Hinako’s a free-spirited character who pushes around the people about her. 16 years ago, Kotaro and her were once siblings when her father remarried but she left home to become an actress.

Furuta Arata as Sugawara Hirofumi
The chief editor of a bi-weekly magazine of Kani Books, the publishing company that Kotaro frequents. Sugawara hires Kotaro, who brings stories, to work part-time but he’s scary because he’s always so fierce.

Okada Yoshinori as Ishida Ken
A staff writer of one of Kani Book’s bi-weekly magazine. Ishida’s reputed to be a mature man who is good at his job. He is smooth, diplomatic and shrewd. He privately looks down on Kotaro.

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