Galileo – Episode 10 Synopsis (final)

Episode 10: Burst


Yukawa waits for his former teacher, Kijima, to return from his overseas business trip and visits his residence. Yukawa, who knows from Kusanagi’s call that the body found shot to death at the nature park and the bomb victim at Ryuujin lake, were both Kijima’s company employees, broaches the two cases. He asks Kijima if he is still conducting research into red mercury, a nonexistent alloyed metal that completely reflects neutrons, because both victims had been irradiated with radiation. That alloy can be used to create a nuclear reactor, even with a small amount of plutonium, and is, at the same time, a potential material for military use. When Kijima was still a professor at Teito University, Yukawa had been a member of the team that did such research. While Kijima doesn’t think his ideas were wrong at that time, he now has nothing to do with red mercury. As Yukawa takes his leave, he tells Kijima that he will definitely reveal the real facts of the two cases.

At the same time, Kaoru, who is visiting Yukawa’s lab, learns about the relationship between him and Kijima from Kuribayashi. Kuribayashi tells her that Kijima had been dismissed from the university probably because Yukawa had reported Kijima’s research. He then bows his head and tells Kaoru that he doesn’t want her to disturb Yukawa any further because Yukawa, a promising physicist, shouldn’t get involved with a person like Kijima.

Shocked by the story, Kaoru doesn’t answer Yukawa’s call and goes with Yuge to review Kijima’s company. However, they do not find any information related to the case. Kaoru and Yuge also ask Kijima about the case. There’s an eyewitness account saying that Kijima had a quarrel with Fujikawa, who had been shot dead. However, Kijima replies that they were just having a discussion regarding the differences in their scholarly viewpoints.

That night, Yukawa comes to Kaoru’s police station. Asked why she didn’t answer his phone call, Kaoru replies that she had reflected on how she had grown accustomed to relying on him, and is about to walk away. Yukawa, who understands Kaoru’s point, says that he’ll no longer have anything to do with her from now on but declares that he will unravel the mystery of this case.


However, the following day, the case takes an unexpected turn. Kijima’s secretary, Kyoko, commits suicide and leaves behind a note claiming responsibility for the two deaths. The gun Kyoko had used to kill herself is the same model as the one used to kill Fujikawa. However, Kaoru claims that there’s more to the case than meets the eye and tells Yuge to continue with investigations.

Kuribayashi, who learns that Yukawa has no intention of giving up his examination of the case, goes to Ryuujin lake, gathers information and comes back to the lab. Murase and Yukawa’s other students start helping to sort out the the information Kuribayashi has brought back.

Yukawa regards the explosion that occurred at Ryuujin lake as being the result of a reaction between an alkali metal and water. However, from the scale of the explosion, it is possible that it is an unknown metal. At that moment, a call comes in from Kusanagi, who says that they have received information that Umezato, who was killed at Ryuujin lake, was an arms trader. Looking at the picture of Umezato and Fujikawa, Yukawa remembers Kijima’s words and reconsiders the context of the case. Kijima, who is suspected in the two cases, had said to Yukawa “It is better if you rewrite the basis of your report.” Yukawa wonders whether Fujikawa could have killed Umezato, and looks at their two photos once again. As he does so, he notices that Fujikawa had a file called “Super NaK” on his desk. Super NaK is still being developed and is a sodium alloy that is used to cool nuclear reactions. Yukawa tells his students that they can do what Fujikawa could, and develops and tests it.

Meanwhile, following Sakurako’s advice, Kaoru, who had enlisted a forensic researcher at the acoustic lab to examine the audio in the telephone message recording Fujikawa had left, learns that Fujikawa’s voice had be created by sampling. Receiving this report from Kaoru, Kusanagi tells her that the police will review their investigations and instructs her to rest tonight.


As Kaoru is about to return home, she receives a call from Yukawa. He tells her that he wants her to come to his lab because he wants to speak to her. Although Kaoru hesitates, she agrees.

Yukawa, returns his lab after the successful development of Super NaK and conclusion of the explosive test, to find Kijima there. Yukawa tells Kijima that Fujikawa, who knew that Umezato was an arms trader sent to their company, had used Super NaK to kill him. Fujikawa then visited Kijima’s residence prepared to kill him but ended up being killed. To create an alibi, Kyoko masqueraded as Fujikawa riding the motorbike, fabricated the voice in the telephone message recording, then Kijima laid the blame on Kyoko and shot her, Yukawa asserts. While Kijima praises Yukawa, he points out one thing that Yukawa got wrong. He says Kyoko chose to die to protect his research.

Kijima tells Yukawa that he had continued his research to live up to the expectations of Kyoko, the only person who understood him, and strips off a curtain in one corner of the lab. The sight of Kaoru gagged, shackled and connected to a device that uses red mercury is revealed. If he doesn’t terminate it by midnight, half of Tokyo will be destroyed, Kijima tells Yukawa.

Yukawa declares that Kijima isn’t qualified to be a scientist. Yukawa says that Kijima, who had not only continued with dangerous research but also taken the lives of two people without dirtying his hands, and is about to put the guilt on him this time, isn’t qualified to create the future. “Then prove whether you can create the future with your ability,” Kijima says and leaves the room.

Yukawa, who remained behind, stops Kaoru from telling him to flee and starts to dismantle the bomb Kijima made. There is less than 3 hours left.

Yukawa cautiously proceeds with his work, breaking the circuits one after the other. Before long, he makes it to disassembling the device. A green wire and red wire are lined side by side at the last stage. Yukawa asks Kaoru for her favourite colour. She replies “pink”. The next instant, Yukawa leans toward the device and cuts off a wire. It is a pink wire that had been hidden by a bundle of wires. Yukawa, who had succeeded in disarming the bomb in the nick of time, holds out a helping hand to Kaoru. A relieved Kaoru flings herself at Yukawa and hugs him …

Some time after the incident, Yukawa working on an experiment in the lab together with his students. Kaoru rushes in and asks Yukawa for his help in an investigation. She says that the murderer had leapt out of the apartment building’s 45th floor, floated in the air and disappeared. “That’s truly interesting,” Yukawa replies …

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