Galileo Season 1 – Episode 9 Synopsis

Episode 9: Burst

Hazeru - Masha

On the night of 13 October, an explosion occurs at Ryuujin lake in Tochigi Prefecture. A boat floating on the lake suddenly bursts into flames and blows up.

About one and the half months following the incident, Yukawa hears about a bizarre case involving a graduate of Teito University from Kaoru. Meanwhile, Kaoru and Yuge are holding a public class on crime prevention at the school festival of a junior high school. On their way out, they are drawn to an exhibition by the art department and shocked upon seeing the rather life-like facial expression on an exhibited plaster mask called “zombie’s death mask”. Then a lady called Fujikawa Nobue appears, and shudders as she looks at the mask. Nobue says that that the face is that of her missing son. Kaoru and Yuge question the student who made the mask. According to him, the mould for the displayed mask was formed from a metallic mask picked up at the nature park’s pond.

Searching the nature park, the police discovered the body of a male on the bottom of the pond. The victim is Fujikawa Yuichi who works at a medical equipment maker. A worried Nobue had asked the police to search for her son because she hadn’t heard from him for about a month. The probability that Fujikawa was murdered is high due to the gun trace on his brow. Fujikawa was from Teito University and a graduate of the now defunct department of nuclear engineering. As the caretaker of his apartment had witnessed him riding his motor bike out on 21 October, it is thought that the time of his murder was between 21 October 3.30 p.m. and 1 November, the day the student found the metallic mask.

Yukawa is interested in the phenomenon of the corpse’s face floating in the pond and goes to the nature park with Kaoru. There are unending signs that that pond is an illegal dump. According to the investigation, the metallic mask that was discovered and the aluminum boards dumped into the pond are the same. Then a call from Sakurako comes in. She has established a new fact. Fujikawa had been irradiated by nuclear radiation. Furthermore, there is a high probability that he had been doused with neutron radiation.

Kaoru and Yuge learn that the person who set up the company that Fujikawa worked in, was Kijima, a former professor a Teito University’s department of nuclear engineering. And 5 days before Fujikawa disappeared, he and Kijima were witnessed having an argument. They go to ask Kijima about the incident but he is away on an overseas business trip. However, according to Kijima’s secretary Kyoko, Kiijima was on an overseas business trip at the time Fujikawa was though to have been murdered. 

As she gives her account of the case, Kaoru notices that Yukawa appears different from usual. She asks Yukawa if something had happened with Kijima but Yukawa doesn’t speak a word.

Hazeru - Kume

At that moment, Kusanagi visits Kaoru and the rest. He tells them that an explosion had occurred at Ryuujin lake about a month earlier. A boat floating on the lake suddenly had a huge explosion, and it was thought that an adult male who had been on the boat had died. He says that the police had learnt from the bits of flesh found at that time, that the victim had been the target of nuclear radiation. In addition, there are signs that he, like Fujikawa, had been irradiated by neutron radiation. Kaoru and Yuge start to investigate the connection between Fujikawa’s case and the explosion.

At the same time, Yukawa, who had been consulted by Kusanagi on the Yonin lake case, examines reports on the incident. Aware of what Yukawa has been up to, Kuribayashi advises him to pull out of the case. “What do you intend to do if Professor Kijima is involved in this case?” Kuribayashi asks Yukawa with a serious expression on his face.

The next day, Yukawa encounters Harasawa, a waste disposer when he visits the nature park alone. Harasawa says he has volunteered to clear the area around the pond. When Yukawa helps Harasawa with his work, he sees a heap of waste material at the company. He discovers a steel frame with cord coiled around it as he examines the scrap heap that had been recovered shortly before Fujikawa’s dead body was found. Something flashes in Yukawa’s mind when he sees that.

Yukawa calls Kaoru to come to the lab and begins an experiment. He has prepared a lightning discharge mechanism which uses a condenser. A cord is extended from that and its tip placed in a water tank. The bust of a mannequin and aluminum has been placed inside the tank.

Hazeru - Kou

When the condenser is charged and switched on, there’s a flash between the electrodes, and in the next instant a furious boom resounds. Countless bubbles appear in the water tank. When the bubbles disappear, the aluminum has stuck fast on the face of the mannequin. Yukawa retrieves the mannequin from the tank, and peels off the aluminum. “This is a true death mask,” he says. Yukawa says that lightning struck the nature park, and the shock waves due to the electric energy released into the water through the electric cord, created the death mask. However, Kaoru spots a problem. The meteorological agency said that lightning struck the vicinity of the nature park on 19 October. According to the eyewitness account, Fujikawa should still have been alive. Thereupon Yukawa replies that he had been killed and submerged in the pond. That means, the eyewitness account on 21 October had been intentionally created by someone.

Kaoru rushes out of the lab to review the eyewitness account again. She receives a call from Yuge. The identity of the man who died in the Yonin lake incident had been determined. For some inexplicable reason, the man is Umezato Naohiko, Fujikawa’s former colleague.

At that moment, Yukawa is visiting Kijima’s residence. Then, Kijima, who has returned from his overseas business trip appears …

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