Galileo Season 1 – Episode 8 Synopsis

Episode 8: Ghost Sighting

Mieru - Yumiko Shaku

Kaoru requests Yukawa’s help in the investigation of the murder of a culinary researcher. The incident happened at a cooking classroom in a building leased to multiple tenants. The victim is one of the managers of the class, Maeda Misuzu. After her business associate, Kanazawa Yoriko, went home, Misuzu who remained in the classroom, was stabbed repeatedly by a man called Kosugi, and died. Suspicious noises attract the attention of a security officer who discovers Kosugi but he falls to his death from a window while trying to flee. There’s no connection between Misuzu and Kosugi. But because Misuzu had visited to her nearest police station to talk about being a victim of a stalker about one month before the incident, the incident is deemed as a stalking murder. The media has focus on this point and criticised the police for goofing.

But what Kaoru talks to Yukawa isn’t about this but about Misuzu’s younger sister, Chiaki’s bizarre testimony. Chiaki said she was worried when she learnt that Misuzu was troubled by a stalker, and would often go to her sister’s house to stay. On the night of the incident, Chiaki was also waiting at her sister’s house for her return. Chiaki said that at that moment, she had witnessed Misuzu peer inside her house from outside the window. After 10 minutes had passed and Misuzu hadn’t returned, Chiaki grew concerned and called her sister on her mobile phone. However, at that moment, Misuzu was dead in the cooking classroom 30 kilometres away from home. The security officer, who had noticed the noises and stepped into the classroom, had only done so in the immediate aftermath of Misuzu’s murder. Yukawa, who has heard the details of the case from Kaoru, says the phenomenon of teleportation has been reported throughout the world and indicates his strong interest in this case.

The next day, Kaoru learns from Yuge that Misuzu and Sakurako were friends. Sakurako says that she had hit it off with Misuzu when started attending her culinary classes years ago. Kaoru, who is visiting Sakurako, informs her of Chiaki’s testimony, and that she has sought Yukawa’s help to unravel this mystery.

In the midst of this, Yukawa and Kaoru visit Chiaki. Chiaki strongly distrusts the police for taking Misuzu’s words lightly. But she is moved by Kaoru’s desire to clarify the truth, and starts to talk about the moment when she saw Misuzu’s figure. Chiaki attests that she had clearly seen her sister’s expression as well as the yellow coat she had worn. She says she did not mistake her own reflection in the glass because the lights in the room was turned off.

Yukawa visits Misuzu’s home and verifies that Chiaki couldn’t have made a mistake when looking out at the garden from that distance, and also checks the indoor humidifier.

Mieru - Kou

The next day, Kaoru, who is visiting Sakurako hears Misuzu’s cause of death. Misuzu had died of shock due blood loss from the stab wounds. However, 2 wounds out of the 270 she sustained were considered fatal, and the shape of the weapon that dealt the other 268 wounds was different. That means that after Misuzu had been fatally stabbed, another blade was used to deliver the other 268 blows. The knife Kosugi had doesn’t match the fatal wounds. Sakurako is vexed that although Misuzu had confided in her about the stalker, there was nothing she could do for her. Kaoru tells Sakurako, who has conveyed the message from the cuts on Misuzu’s body, that she’ll investigate thoroughly, even if she has to do it alone.

At the same moment, Yukawa is carefully inspecting not just maps but the subway and roads as he considers how a person could move 30 km in 10 minutes. The students cannot hide their astonishment at seeing Yukawa earnestly look through books he usually doesn’t read for information on teleportation and other related paranormal phenomenon.

Kaoru, who visits Yukawa’s lab, informs him that Kosugi doesn’t have parents, siblings or friends. Despite this, Kaoru declares that there has to be a catch to this case. She says there must be some connection between what Chiaki saw and the mystery of the victim’s wounds. Kuribayashi mimics Yukawa and criticises the illogicality of Kaoru’s assertion. Then Yukawa cites the example of Issac Newton, who went from instinctive principle to validated truth. There are many truths derived from hunches he says and proposes to go with Kaoru’s gut feeling and investigate one by one.

Yukawa, who is visiting Kosugi’s apartment with Kaoru, notices an expensive audio system there. He says it is something he has always wanted. Yukawa puts the headphones on and begins listening to the music. Kaoru is irritated with Yukawa’s behaviour and turns up the volume. At that moment, Yukawa notices a crunching noise and asks Kaoru about Kosugi’s hairstyle. Kosugi’s is a close shave. At that moment, something flashes in Yukawa’s mind …

That night, Yukawa visits Chiaki’s home and does an experiment. Yukawa makes Kaoru, who is dressed in a red coat, go to Chiaki’s place first, while he goes looking around. Yukawa, who just missed Kaoru when he arrived, begins by saying that they needn’t wait for Kaoru.

Yukawa tells Chiaki that numerous people had witnessed a yellow coat along the shopping promenade. That wasn’t Misuzu but someone else, he continues. Because she was wearing a yellow coat, she was mistaken for Misuzu due to preconception. Chiaki denies Yukawa’s words. Thereupon, Yukawa turns off the room light and draw the curtain open. A person in a red coat is standing on the opposite side of the window that has condensation on it. Yukawa asks Chiaki if she can read the numeral in the sketchbook the person is holding. In response to that, Chiaki replies that even if she can’t read the numeral, she knows that that person is Kaoru. But when Yukawa opens the window, it is a mannequin wearing a red coat.

Yukawa asserts that the case was disguised as a stalking murder. That means that after killing Misuzu, the murderer wore a yellow coat and walked around the vicinity of her home to cover up the matter. He says that it would seem that she had gone to the cooking classroom again after returning home for a moment. That was to create an alibi. If the matter proceeded according to the murderer’s intentions, Misuzu’s body wouldn’t be found until the next morning. What threw the plan into disarray was Kosugi, the accomplice, plunging to his death, and Chiaki seeing the “apparition” when there shouldn’t have been anyone at Misuzu’s house. Yukawa says he had noticed the relationship between the murderer and Kosugi because although all visible evidence had been completely removed from Kosugi’s apartment, evidence of a female’s frequent comings and goings had been clearly left behind. That murderer is a person who needed a alibi, the last person who saw Misuzu – Yuriko.

Yuriko admits her crime after she is questioned. She was jealous of Misuzu’s talent. She got into a quarrel with Misuzu who realised this, and stabbed her on impulse. It seems that Yuriko, who had gotten acquainted with Kosugi through a dating service website, had treated him as a pet, in exchange for taking care of his life.
Chiaki visits Sakurako’s place and thanks her. She says that she had heard from Kaoru that Sakurako had received Misuzu’s last message. Sakurako gazes at Chiaki and invites Chiaki to join her because she is making beef stew, the only dish Misuzu had called delicious.

Kaoru cooks in Yukawa’s lab as she tells him about Yoriko. She says she had received a cookbook written by Misuzu from Sakurako. Yukawa, who has an interest in cooking, interferes in Kaoru’s cooking. Kaoru asks him how he had come to know of Kosugi and Yoriko’s relationship. Yukawa mentions the noise caused when he had turned up the volume of the audio system in Kosugi’s home. It occurred because fine silicon particles floating in the air and lubricating oil had combined. A large amount of those fine silicon particles are included in hairspray. That was why Yukawa had asked Kaoru about Kosugi’s hairstyle at that time.

As she listens to Yukawa, Kaoru finishes cooking. Although the dish is called “stir fried green peppers and meat”, it looks like something else no matter how Yukawa looks at it. Looking at the food on the plate, Yukawa says cooking is a science and doesn’t touch it. However, he fearfully takes a mouthful at Kaoru’s insistence and his expression changes with surprise…

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    Hi, just asking, can you like include the ending part when Utsumi tells Yukawa about what happened after they arrest the criminal for some of the synopsis (as some of them are missing and cut off but this one has it :D) and what can be inferred from their actions? Cause sometimes I don’t get what does their facial expression mean and I might misinterpret. Thanks:D

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