Galileo Season 1 – Episode 6 Synopsis

Episode 6: Dream

Yumemiru - gun

Yukawa receives a request from Kaoru to help in an investigation that her childhood friend is involved in. The case occurred at the Morisaki’s residence. A man called Sakaki was said to have appeared in the second-floor room of 17-year-old Remi as she slept and was about to assault her. Remi’s mother, Yumiko, who heard noises, rushed into her daughter’s room wielding a shot gun, faced Sakaki and opened fire. Fortunately, Remi wasn’t unharmed but the injured Sakaki is at large.

Sakaki was an elementary school classmate of Kaoru’s and is now a fortune teller. The name of his shop is Morisaki Remi’s Divination Hall. Kaoru had recently visited that shop by chance and met Sakaki again. On that occasion, Sakaki had explained to Kaoru that Morisaki Reimei is the name of his guardian angel.

Yuge, who is conducting the investigation, tells Kaoru that Sakaki had been stalking Remi, who had come to his shop as a customer, this one month. During that time, he had sent a number of letters with the words “You and I are destined.”

The fact that Sakaki’s shop bears the same name as Reimi bothers Kaoru. According to Yumiko, Reimi hadn’t met Sakaki until the time she visited his shop a month ago at the invitation of a friend. However, Sakaki’s shop was set up some years ago.

Yuge removes Kaoru from the investigation, citing her friendship with the suspect. At that moment, Kaoru receives a call on her mobile phone from Sakaki. He tells Kaoru that Remi was the one who had left him the message “Come and see me” in the bowls he uses for divination.

Kaoru, who is visiting Yukawa’s lab, explains the details of the case. However, Yukawa replies that he doesn’t think it is merely the delusions of a stalker. Then, Kaoru shows Yukawa an essay that Sakaki had written in elementary school. It says “My dream is to marry Morisaki Remi” and beside the essay is an attached drawing that looks like the window of Remi’s room. Doesn’t that mean that Sakaki knew 17 years before Reimi was born that he would meet her, Kaoru asks.

Yukawa, who is interested in the case, goes to Sakaki’s shop together with Kaoru. While there, Yukawa draws water samples from the bowls Sakaki uses for his divination. Then Yukawa and Kaoru visit Sakaki’s house. Kaoru, who meets Sakaki’s mother, Kanako, again, recalls the days during her childhood when Sakaki and herself would go to painter Kitano Sohei’s house to play. Kaoru and Sakaki often used chalk to draw on the wall as they sung songs and were taught drawing by Sohei. After Kaoru transferred to another school, Sakaki went to Sohei’s house to learn drawing, his mother attested. But after that, Sohei died in an accident, leaving behind his pregnant wife.

Yumemiru - MK

Sakurako advises Kaoru not to get involved in this case. She says Kaoru is not able to conduct the investigation dispassionately. Even so, Kaoru doesn’t give up and tries to get in contact with Reimi. However, Reimi is being guarded by the police so Kaoru can’t get close to her.

Kaoru visits Yukawa’s lab. Yukawa continues to try to solve the mystery of the words floating on the surface of the water. Then, Kaoru receives a call from Sakaki once again. He says he is at Omori wharf. Kaoru arranges to meet Sakaki in order to persuade him to turn himself in. Yukawa, who has heard Kaoru’s conversation, tells her that if she knows the suspect’s location, she should contact the precinct immediately and arrange to have him arrested. Kaoru reacts emotionally. She knows that she is in the wrong but asks “Haven’t you ever thought of wanting to help a person?” Yukawa coldly responds that she should do as she wishes because such matters are beyond his expertise. This prompts Kaoru to say, “Numbers and symbols rather than people’s feelings are more important to academics,” before walking out.

Kaoru heads to the appointed wharf and searches for the vessel Dalma. Meanwhile, Yukawa instructs Kuribayashi and his students to search for Kitano Sohei’s drawings while he visits the dilapidated house that Sohei once inhabited. There, Yukawa finds baby products together with a picture.

Yumemiru - Maki

Kaoru, who has found Dalma, descends into the vessel’s interior. However, Sakaki, discovering Yukawa’s arrival, thinks he has been deceived by Kaoru. He shuts the two of them inside the vessel and flees the scene.

The mobile phones have no reception inside the interior of the vessel. In order to seek help, Yukawa straps Kaoru’s mobile phone to a rope, and hurls it towards the overhead window while the message is in the process of being transmitted. Yukawa fails repeatedly but tries numerous times. At that moment, Yukawa tells Kaoru, using the examples of Newton and Galileo, that scientists feel a connection with people when they repeat dull experiments. As is the case with detectives who pursue criminals on a daily basis, scientists do not dislike humans. Kaoru gazes at Yukawa as she asks if he has seriously done his best for someone’s sake. Instead of responding to that, Yukawa throws the mobile phone to Kaoru. The message has been sent.

Kaoru, who has emerged without mishap, contacts the precinct from wharf’s administration office. She learns that Sakaki has been arrested. Kaoru intends to send Yukawa to the university and then return to the precinct. Yukawa says he would like to drop by the Morisaki house. Both of them visit it. As Yukawa sees the facade, something flashes in his mind. Yukawa tells Kaoru that Morisaki Reimi is an actual female, and that her true identity is none other than that of Kaoru’s.

Yukawa, who has returned to the lab, discloses to Kaoru that there is a connection between Kitano Sohei and the Morisaki family. The song Kaoru and Sakaki used to sing while drawing showed that Sohei had seen the Morisaki house; he had sketched a drawing of the house; Sakaki had seen that drawing … The decisive factor is Sohei’s wife. The woman that Kaoru and Sakaki met was not Sohei’s wife but Yumiko because Sohei’s wife had died before Kaoru and Sakaki had entered elementary school.

Yukawa takes Sohei’s book of drawings and shows Kaoru a succession of his representative works. All these pieces are titled “Reimi”. Yumiko had been pregnant with the child of Sohei, who was her lover. After Yumiko left Sohei, he would give the girl, who came over everyday to play, the image of his lost daughter and call her Reimi. That girl was Kaoru.

Continuing, Yukawa tells Kaoru that it was Yumiko who had called Sakaki to Reimi’s room. Yumiko, who had realised Sakaki’s existence through the letters Reimi had, attempted to kill him by making it seem that it was an act of self-defence.

This was a trick achieved by using an oil-based pen to write on oblate. Yumiko caused this incident because she wanted to bury a past that she didn’t want anyone to know about. Sohei had come to the Morisaki house on numerous occasions in order to get Reimi back. “Was Kitano Sohei’s death truly an accident?” Kaoru is taken aback by Yukawa’s words.

Yumiko, who is questioned by the police, makes a complete confession. Sakaki is released. He is slightly shocked when he learns that the Morisaki Reimi he has liked all this while is actually Kaoru. The two of them laugh at this. Sakaki tells Kaoru that he wants her to come for a divination to express his gratitude to her…

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