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A miracle drug for cancer has been found … This discovery, mankind’s long-cherished desire, is at the same time, also the beginning of the story of human beings’ display of their horrendous true nature. Pandora is the first drama series produced by WOWOW. In it are challenges, conflicts, and manifestation of desires unprecedented in the history of TV dramas. This drama, which was made possible by Shiroi Kyoto’s Inoue Yumiko, starts now.

Suzuki Hideki, a university hospital physician, invents a wonder drug for cancer after 18 years of research. At first, everyone gives him the cold shoulder but when they learn that that is a genuine invention, the dean of the medical school and his colleagues attempt to seize his achievement. Furthermore, pharmaceutical companies that have gotten wind of this concession, come sidling up. That is the dawn of the shocking, terrifying vortex of human relations.

* Mikami Hiroshi as Suzuki Hideki
* Yanagiba Toshiro as Matoba Shinichi
* Konishi Manami as Iida Sayoko
* Hirata Mitsuru as Tomoda Shogo
* Yamamoto Koji as Tachikawa Haruo
* Tanimura Mitsuki as Mizuno Aimi
* Ono Takehiko as Fukami Jinichiro
* Kunimura Jun as Otaguro Shigeyuki
* Yamamoto Kei as Midorikawa Fujio
* Uehara Misa as Kadowaki Chika
* Kichise Michiko as Katsura Hitomi
* Aijima Kazuyuki as Numabe Yoshihiro

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